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Here you can find my portfolio, some of my projects, tutorials and more.


My name is Matias, 22 years old from Norway. Here you can see some of my work and blog with tutorials and more.

Currently, I'm working as an IT-consultant, and previously I worked as an IT-Technician for 4 years. If you wish to contact me you can do so on the contact me page or on LinkedIn.

Matias Næss

IT-Consultant & Web Dev

About me

My Skills

Web Design

Beautiful, clean and user friendly designs.


Scripting language for making dynamic websites.

Microsoft 365

Configure, manage, and monitor Microsoft 365.


5+ years of IT Support experience.

My Certifications

Latest projects

Here you can find some of my latest projects.

Personal Project

Calorie Calculator

Calculator that was made to help find your daily calorie intake with ease. It also calculates your BMI score and suggested macronutrient values depending on your goal. The calculator uses the Harris Benedict Equation formula. Made using PHP, jQuery, and MDBoostrap.

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Web App

A website that makes it easy to find steam users unique identificator. Made with PHP and the Steam API.

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Latest blog posts

Here you can find my latests blog posts.


Discord Plex Notifications

by mattimat, 25. februar 2020

If you are an avid Discord and Plex user like myself, you might want to be notified whenever a new show or movie gets added right into your discord channel. If you are using Sonarr or Radarr this can be done easily using webhooks.

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Deploy Chrome Enterprise with Intune

by mattimat, 24. februar 2020

This article shows you how to deploy an app with Intune and assign it to users and groups.

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Microsoft 365

RDP into Azure AD joined VM

by mattimat, 20. februar 2020

You might have encountered an issue where you can’t log in to an Azure AD-joined VM with your Ad account. This article explains how to fix this.

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